Is Basement Waterproofing Necessary?

When your basement gets flooded, it is a serious problem for you and the occupants of your home. The flood could be caused by broken pipes or water seeping in through cracks in the wall. A flooded basement invites organisms such as fungi and mold into your home. These organisms will grow, spread and thrive in the moisture. Mold can ultimately cause diseases and trigger allergies. As such, it is a great idea to waterproof your basement right after you buy or build a house. There are many benefits of basement waterproofing. Read on to discover more.

Prevents mold and fungi from growing in the basement

basement waterproofing for mold remediationMold grows on any surface that stays moist for too long. If your basement floor and walls are constantly wet, then mold will begin to grow on them.

Mold can cause respiratory diseases in people and pets. Thus, it is best to prevent the growth of this organism. You can do this by waterproofing your basement.

When you perform this process, water cannot seep into your basement, and pipes can be reinforced to prevent them from breaking.

Thus, you, your family and your pets will be safe from mold and the diseases caused by it.

The foundation of your house stays intact

When your basement floods, the water can seep through the walls and the floor. This water proceeds to damage the foundation of your house. This is one of the worst things that can happen to your foundation. When your foundation is compromised in this way, the overall structure of your home becomes weak. This can lead to serious cracks developing in your walls and the house can begin crumbling. Taking the steps to waterproof your basement is an important investment for any homeowner. Controlling moisture in your basement is less expensive than repairing the foundation.

Keeps your basement fit for living

I am sure you have been in a basement that is dry, and you notice that there is no smell. In a basement that has not been waterproofed, the air is often musty and the walls are crawling with mold. It is not an ideal living space for people or animals. Therefore, you should waterproof your basement so as to keep it dry and comfortable enough to live in. Many people think of a basement as just a room for storage, laundry, and decorations. But what if you could create an entire living space for entertaining, or maybe an extra family room?

Increase the value of your house

A house where the basement has been waterproofed can ask a higher price in the real estate market. Those that have not undergone this process are seen as risky investments. As such, buyers tend to steer away from them. A seller will lose more money selling their home than they would have spent to waterproof the basement. Therefore, waterproofing your basement is a good investment decision.

Waterproofing your basement can save you money. It can also keep your family and your pets healthy. Not only do you get more room to live in, you are assured that your house will not fall apart due to a damaged foundation. Ensure that you contact a reputable waterproofing company to consult with before making such an investment.


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